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Coaching with Ronja can change one's life in many ways. Ronja is a wellbeing and lifestyle expert, after years of struggling with her mental and physical health, she now has many real life practices of how to live a quality life. Whether it is lifestyle limitations, relationship struggles, self belief, or issues stemming from being neuro-diverse (such as ADHD, or being autistic), Ronja can help guide with practical advice and care.

Furthermore, coaching styles can be mixed together depending on individual need. Ronja is happy to give a FREE initial 25min consultation to see if she is the right fit for your needs. Then, there are different packages available depending on duration and contact need during the week. 



Wellbeing Coaching includes looking at lifestyle; from eating habits, daily movement, medical or healing modality advice, mindfulness practices, hobbies, to unconscious ways of using social media. 

With revisioning what does and what does not work for you, there is never any judgement. This is about having your hand held (so to speak) as we find a way for you to live with overall wellbeing so that you can live your own best life!



With Relationship Coaching we look at the relationships that you want to build, change, or review. It may be with family, friends, partners, colleagues, or even how you feel about being with strangers, or new people. Together we set goals, strategies and practices to address these needs.


However, it must be known that all relationships stem from the relationship one has with themselves. In this way, developing self understanding and love is key to Relationship Coaching. This can include looking at our past, and childhood dynamics.




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